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We’ve been working with practices to figure out a way to help pet owners better understand their pet’s care journey. We believe that if they better understand their pet's care journey, they will be more likely to agree to the right services that their pets need, resulting in better long term health outcomes.


While speaking with practices, one area that was highlighted again and again was that a large number of services offered by veterinary staff (in some cases 50%+) were being rejected by pet owners.

We explored several ways to help increase the number of services that were agreed to by pet owners and ultimately identified that by providing relevant, pre-appointment education, we could potentially increase the number of pet owners who agreed to care teams' recommended treatments for their pets.


For example, for a dermatology appointment, if we simply sent a message like this, that outlines some of the work the team would do and what they might explore, we can potentially increase the number of pet owners who agree to letting care teams provide the services they need:


“There are several potential conditions we’ll explore during your appointment, including: allergic skin conditions, staph infections, ear disease, fungal infections and immune-mediated disorders. Please click here to learn little bit more about these. Your care team will help explore these and others during your pet’s appointment.”


In this example, by helping pet owners learn about what might happen during the appointment, ahead of time, they are more likely to understand why a certain test or procedure might be needed during the appointment itself. 


By helping pet parents focus on the reasons for the service (and see the full picture), rather than simply the price, they are more likely to agree to the service itself.

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By FastClient
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